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Archive for May, 2016

Has Google gone too far in killing off right hand side ads?

Change, as we so often hear, is the only constant, and nowhere is that more true than the frenetic online world. Now it’s Google’s turn to pull the rug out from users – and marketers – and probably create a lightning speed sense of nostalgia in the process because in February 2016, the search giant confirmed that it would be removing the right hand side advertisements so familiar to us all.

Apple May Not Be The Healthiest Option

Cast your mind all the way back to March 2015: it was a simpler time; a better time; a time when Apple could do no wrong (unless you were allergic to beards, minimalism and artisanal small batch coffee; in which case Apple was tied to the apocalypse). Now of course, the world knows differently and the once mighty brand is starting to look a little shaky around the foundations. What could have happened, you ask?


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