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Archive for October, 2016

What You Should Know About Facebook’s Canvas Ads Update

Facebook is constantly tweaking and improving its suite of advertising tools. In a Facebook for Business post in the final week of September 2016, Facebook announced updates to Canvas ads. Here are 3 things you should know about the updates and what they could mean for your advertising results:

1. Facebook’s introduction of 360-degree video could ramp up engagement

Augmented reality is one of the hottest digital technology trends of 2016. While video game developers are working on new ways to make gaming immersive, marketers are also finding ways to gamify ads, making them more interactive and storied.

Using 360 video to showcase the latest merchandise in a store-front, or to create an immersive branded story using digital design, could return massive engagement with your ad. Facebook announced this feature, saying it’s ‘a unique way to engage people on mobile and encourage them to interact with content’, and there is no denying that greater engagement leads to more conversions.

2. Being able to link to other Canvas experiences yields new creative possibilities

In the past, marketers were limited to single Facebook Canvas experiences that told a story within a fairly limited sequence of frames. Now that Facebook has announced the ability to link to your other Canvas experiences, you can create a Canvas ad that keeps viewers enthralled as they engage with a circular or more complicated series or Canvas experiences.

The net result of this could be that viewers spend longer viewing your ads, taking in more of your key brand communication.

3. The increase in available metrics for Canvas ads allows granular insights

Another feature Facebook announced in its September update is the inclusion of more metrics for your Canvas ads. This is good news for Facebook marketers hoping to gain more granular insights into what works in a Canvas ad and what doesn’t. With the Canvas update, you can see metrics for the performance of videos, photos and buttons. This will give you key insights into what aspects of every campaign to test and improve.

The net result of more insights being available is that you can tweak your Canvas ads from a data-driven vantage point, making changes based on strong hypotheses that promise uplift in engagement and click-through.

To get the most out of your Facebook advertising, you need strategy and skilled social media management. Speak to Go Fish today about our social media marketing services.

Google’s latest algorithm update: 4 things you need to know

Every time Google announces a new algorithm update for how it ranks search results, business owners who rely on search traffic for conversions get nervous. Everyone wants to know: Will the latest update destroy my search traffic? Will Google penalise me for meta titles or specific on-page elements? Here are 4 things you need to know about the latest Google algorithm that went live (Penguin 4.0) and its impact:

1. Penguin 4’s impact seems small

Google’s latest algorithm update, known as Penguin 4.0, was introduced on 23rd September, 2016. Google has suggested that the Penguin update has simply been turned into a real-time process that is part of Google’s core algorithm. As of yet, there have been no reports of seismic negative shifts caused by this update, according to the SEO experts at Moz.

2. Penguin 4 could help you recover from past Penguin updates

When earlier incarnations of the Penguin update were rolled out, many companies’ search rankings were shaken up. If your business has taken steps to rectify anything you were blasted for in a previous update, Penguin 4 re-crawling your web properties could actually help you to recover.

3. Uplift from Penguin 4 is no excuse not to build authoritative links

Even if you are seeing some improvement post-Penguin 4 due to Google rolling back previous demotions, if you don’t have authority links building your website’s link profile this won’t do you much good in the long term. Focus on earning authority links with excellent content marketing and a sound outreach strategy.

4. If you don’t build spammy links, you shouldn’t worry

If you have bought links from dubious domains or engaged in link exchanges that strike Google’s algorithm as a cheap attempt to game the system, you could be penalised. However, don’t worry about Penguin if you have natural, good quality links pointing to your site. Chances are you’re safe.

Search engine optimisation can help your business to rank better, especially when the next algorithm update rolls round and competitors with spammy links to their domains are pushed down the rankings. Make sure your search optimisation follows best practices – contact Go Fish for SEO services today.


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