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5 crucial content marketing trends for 2017

Content marketing constantly evolves as new platforms gain traction while others become yesterday’s news. In 2016, for example, live video on Facebook became a popular way for small businesses and larger brands to connect with audiences. To stay at the top of the content marketing niche, you need to look to the future. Crucial content marketing trends for 2017 will include:

1. Rigorous content marketing strategy creation
Many organisations are lax about creating and sticking to their own content marketing strategies. The problem with flying by the seat of your pants is that you don’t have an overview of how you will incorporate important seasonal events and time posts for maximum reach. Thinking from post to post simply isn’t effective for purposefully carving out a niche for your organisation or business.

2017 will be the year of more businesses documenting their content marketing strategy.

2. A greater focus on influencer marketing
Adding top influencers in your industry to a list and actively engaging with them on social media and via marketing events has long been an effective marketing strategy. Engaging with the right influencers helps you build authority and nurture mutually beneficial connections. You can greatly amplify reach by encouraging influencer content sharing.

In 2017, more organisations will have documented influencer-marketing strategies.

3. Smart use of up and coming visual social platforms
Highly visual social platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have become major players. Every second celebrity drops their latest, in-the-moment update via Instagram, and it’s the platform for fashionable millennials.

Keeping informed about which visual social platforms are trending will continue to be vital for content marketers in 2017, with more users sharing video on Snapchat now than Facebook.

4. Mobile marketing innovation
The rise and rise of social platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat shows that mobile marketing in general will continue to be important for content marketers.

In 2017, you can expect major brands to incorporate new innovations in smartphone capabilities into how they market content to mobile users. There will be increasing use of newer mobile tech, such as virtual reality and reality augmentation – overlaying digital elements on real-world environments using smartphone cameras (the core of user experience in Pokémon Go).

5. Viral videos that tell the story of your brand
Video has grown to dominate some areas of content marketing. Video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vine make it possible for a well-told, relevant story to notch up millions of views in next to no time. Part of this rise can be explained by the growth in mobile outlined above. Many find video content easier to consume on mobile than text.

In 2017 you will need to make sure that you have a plan for how you will tell your brand’s story in both text and video.

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