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Curating Content For Customer Loyalty

In the sometimes hit and miss world of social media marketing, it’s all too easy to get the balance wrong. Yes, you should be consistent, but that means that your brand messaging and experience needs to be consistent. It doesn’t mean that all your social media content should be so consistent that it becomes duller than watching paint peel (which is considerably worse than watching it dry!).

This is an all too common mistake that gets made on corporate social media accounts the world, over and it usually takes two forms:

  • the company fills its account with images of its own branding, properties and marketing content,
  • it fills those pages only with things that relate to what the company does, whether that’s making pet food or selling tents.

On the face of it, these both sound like reasonably safe courses. After all, if you sell pet food, it doesn’t make all that much sense to start posting about nuclear fusion or an opera at the New York Met. However, if you can post a range of content that services what you know to be the aggregate interests of your customer base, that’s content curation. It sounds simple – and it is – but there is a little elbow grease involved.

Give the client more than they think they want

In a sense, content curation isn’t only of service, as we said earlier, it is a service in itself. Put simply, it means that you’ve researched a range of social media posts and news sources across different platforms and you’ve repackaged the available information on a particular topic in a clear and concise way for your audience. In other words, you’ve been a thought leader and done the heavy lifting for them. You become their first information source and trusted filter. So if you’re selling pet food, it means that, for example, you’ve gone through the information about a new vaccine and put together an easy to use guide for your customers.

That’s where the loyalty comes in. There’s a lot of noise on the Internet and most people are looking for someone to filter it for them. If that person is a brand they can trust who filters information according to what the customer already cares about or needs to know, so much the better.

These days, boundless options mean we curate our homes, our interests, our wardrobes, our images and even our activities. Social media is no exception and the smartest curators are the ones who keep audience interests front and centre.


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