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How Mobile Use Stacks Up In Different Countries

There’s little doubt that smartphones are taking over the planet! In truth, the amount of people opting for iPhones, Androids and Galaxy models will surpass 2 billion globally in 2016 (according to figures from eMarketer). By 2018, over half of the mobile telecommunications phones in use will be smartphones.

China has already topped 500 million smartphone users and Russia has a bigger user group than Japan, making it the fourth largest market. India is set to exceed 200 million users this year, which will see it top the US as the world’s second-largest smartphone market. On the other, hand, the US still has a higher overall penetration, since at more than 200 million users; over 65% of the country’s total population is on smartphones.

In South Africa, we’re already sitting at a healthy 39%

That means big things for mobile marketing. For one thing, it certainly proves that while SMS campaigns can still be reasonably effective (since they’re just about the only way to tap the feature phones market), marketers would do well to start focusing their attention – and their budgets – elsewhere.

However, if you’re looking to really hook the growing pool of smartphone users, you need to find them on social media. This is almost universally true and the primary reason for most consumers taking up more budget friendly smartphone options is that they provide Internet penetration in areas that would otherwise go without. In fact, there are almost as many active social media accounts (1.68 billion) as there are smartphones, hooked into platforms like WeChat, Facebook and Instagram.

We’ve mentioned before how critical mobile spending is and how spending still falls far below the amount of mobile media actually being consumed. It’s a point worth repeating because those budgets still need to be pushed up; and when they are, marketers should remember a few key points:

  • Screen real estate is getting smaller; and your marketing (especially your graphics and video) needs to reflect this.
  • Mobile video really is the Millennial platform of choice. Whether it was on Vine, Snapchat or Instagram video, by the end of 2014, mobile video accounted for 55% of mobile data usage.

Clever marketing will keep you in the palm of their hands

Remember: mobile marketing comes with different rules, especially where smartphones are concerned. To most users, these devices are part of the family – the first thing they see in the morning and the last thing they look at before they go to bed. Push sales too hard and you’ll lose your market in a minute. If you can make it personal and engaging, then you’ll have them hooked; wherever they are.


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