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The Power Of Advertising On Google

Back when Google first created revenue streams from advertising and AdWords, the gold rush was swift and chaotic. Suddenly SEO was all the rage and ev…

ery marketer was obsessed with rankings. The hysteria is understandable: like many web based leaps forwards, AdWords had its own Wild West period where people knew they were onto something but weren’t quite sure of the controls just yet.

Fast forward a decade and SEO is a standard feather in a copywriter’s cap and most digital marketers will have a passable AdWords strategy at their disposal. But passable is rather missing the mark of the real benefits and a properly thought out Google campaign can bring.

The core advantage of AdWords is in its relevance. While many people like to equate AdWords with old school junk mail, the analogy is really pretty unfair. Junk mail drops have always been entirely random and down to little more than where someone was told to deliver pamphlets (usually on the basis that an area had been left in enviable peace for some time). There’s no measurement and no strategy.

Adwords Add Focus

AdWords, on the other hand, is stepping into conversations consumers are already having. So if you were just looking up a meme of terrible wedding photographers, AdWords will understandably assume you’re looking for a good one and send you their details.

AdWords isn’t just useful; it’s empowering too. It earns its place in the marketers arsenal not just because of Google’s online real estate and not only because it targets real customers with smart algorithms. The real power of AdWords is that it’s like a mini real time focus group. By using keyword search features, marketers can quickly and reliably find out which phrase will really pay – all before a campaign is designed and launched. The testing and research options offered by an AdWords account can save companies thousands in the long run and yet it’s one of the most neglected features, with most marketers and SMEs regarding AdWords as an alien planet or a grudge purchase.

However, like most resources, AdWords only offer returns if you put the hours in. Surveys have found that businesses that don’t see sales from AdWords simply aren’t doing the time. In fact only 1% of small business advertisers work on their account every week and over half (53%) of SMBs only optimise their ads once per quarter. It’s fair to say that no strategy in the world can survive that kind of neglect. But if you’re prepared to put the work in, you might find that AdWords throws up more than a few pleasant surprises, saving you money and cementing your brand.

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