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Stealing The Social Spotlight

It goes without saying that there is a truly staggering amount of social media activity happening every minute across all kinds of social media platforms. Instagram alone has 75 million daily users and Twitter is processing roughly 6000 tweets a second. For any company trying to make their social media accounts stand out, this hurricane of activity can seem pretty intimidating and even downright impenetrable.

The good news is that it’s really not as tricky as it seems to get your social media to stand out from the crowd. We’ve gathered a list of simple tricks and tips to help you make quick changes to your profiles for fast results.

Be imaginatively social

The most important thing to remember about your social media accounts is that of all your business tools, this is the one that needs to look least like an actual business tool. In other words, blatant advertising and promotion simply do not work on social media. Start stuffing your timeline with references to your services, your specials and your company and you’ll see tumbleweeds rolling in seconds. By and large, people don’t log onto social media for services or practical information. They’re there for distraction, entertainment and inspiration and that’s what you need to give them.

While it’s obviously a great platform to showcase your brand and engage with your customers, you’ll only keep those customers if you’re sharing things they enjoy. So, add funny stories, amusing memes and great pictures (seriously; your visuals can make or break your social media). Share news items and survey people about topics that aren’t strictly related to your business. Whatever you do, make your social space about real conversations. By doing that, you make sure you take care of a few other tricks; namely: creating an authentic and engaging personality for your audience and being available to answer their questions.

Be consistently social

Of course, what you post is one part of the puzzle; the second is knowing when to post. A small mountain of research has been conducted into the optimum times for brands to post and there’s no excuse for not using it to your advantage. Frequency and consistency are crucial in social media and developing a schedule that keeps you posting enough content – without spamming your followers – is a business necessity.

Another great way to create personality and grow your followers list is to create features in the vein of Throwback Thursdays and Follow Me Fridays, complete with easy hashtags and a sense of community.

While there are plenty of extra ways to get your social media to stand above the competition; by starting to incorporate these tips into your profile management, you’ll see the difference in just a few posts.

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