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Our Team

Who We Are

With over 13 years of experience in the Digital Marketing space, Go Fish operate on a highly skilled and professional standard. The company strives to embody the three elements of a strong brand essence, namely innovation, skill and knowledge. This is achieved by meeting both the expected and unexpected requirements of clients by providing exceptional results, trust and value.

The Go Fish team comprises of 20 highly talented South African based members who all demonstrate exceptional strategic skills and are extremely customer centric. Together with this strong team, Go Fish has achieved Google Partner status and worked alongside renowned clients such as JSE, Cape Union Mart, Old Khaki, Poetry, Henkel, Nikon, Cellini, Thornybush Collection, Afrihost, Citizen Watches and Police Watches to name a few.

Go Fish’s current shareholding is currently split evenly between Dr Peter Fish (Founder), Adrian Fitchet and Afrihost (PTY) Ltd (MTN Group).

Our Team

Peter Fish 150x150

Dr. Peter Fish – Founder & Managing Member

As founding member and top-notch boss, the only
thing Peter enjoys more than analysing web traffic
and tweaking campaign strategies is mountain biking
and the great outdoors.

Adrian 150x150

Adrian Fitchet – Managing Member

When not connecting the divide between client
and technical IT systems, Adrian can be found
running the streets…

Thom 300x300

Thom Henderson – SEO & AdWords Expert

Sarcasm appreciator and dry as hell, Thom is
always implementing change and improving strategies!
He is an expert in SEO and AdWords and believes that
“Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing
department” – David Packard

Miguel 150x150

Miguel Da Silva – Project Manager / Developer

Miguel is native to Mozambique, where he learnt to make
killer Portuguese rolls. Miguel specializes in project
management and any sort of development. His opinion
is vital to any project running smoothly, making him the
go-to man.

Mumsie Maje

Mumsie Maje – Internet Marketing Strategist

Mumsie, the sweetest and soft-spoken little lady,
excels in online advertising campaigns on social
media, AdWords and SEO!

Matt 300x300

Matt Lötter – SEO Strategist

Matt loves what he does and is amazed at the
insight into the “human condition” that SEO and
marketing let’s you see. He believes that understanding
your clients and target market can benefit you not just
in your career, but also in life.

Sibu 300x300

Sibulele Sogoni – Developer

Sibu, aka Chains, started his development career
in the Eastern Cape. He migrated to Jo’burg due
to the lure of a faster Internet connection. Specializing
in web development, PHP,, and Mr T impersonations, he works fast and can do just about anything!

Suzanne Cohen

Suzanne Cohen – Graphic Designer

If design is your game, then Suz is your
dame. Suz graduated with a BA in Multimedia
Design and an Honours in Brand Management.
If you need a great design, you have come to the
right place. All our incredible work starts with her!

Nick Eyre 300x300

Nick Eyre – Business Development

Like Sibu, Nick too hails from the Eastern Cape,
“Amadoda”! Nick has a Bachelor of Commerce
degree and has played professional rugby
for the Lions, Bulls and South African Sevens.
Nick is our go-to guy in business development
and is happy to assist you with anything.

Jason Rahme1 150x150

Jason Rahme – SEO Dude

After living in Australia for 3 years, Jason
moved back to the East of Jo’Burg. He
comes from a big Lebanese family – one
of 5, so watch out boet! Jase graduated
from the IMM Graduate School of Marketing
and quickly learned the ropes in the SEO world!


Quentin Watt – Developer

Another member of our team hailing from
the Eastern Cape, Quentin is a developer building
Joomla and WordPress websites, offering advice on
all things “coding” and is somewhat of a YouTube celebrity:
Visit his site:

Jess Friedman 300x300

Jess Friedman – Social Media Consultant

Jess is our social marketing strategist,
with an undergrad in Strategic Communication
and an Honours degree in Brand Management
from Vega. She’s our next social media guru!

Reece Gomes

Reece Gomes – Sales

The toughest job of all – sales! Reece is the go-to
man and is responsible for our new business!
Arrange a meeting with him and see what
Go Fish and our team can offer you!

Marketing Intern

Nodumo Nyawose – Marketing Intern

Durban-born girl, Nodumo, has joined us as
an intern, learning all about digital campaign
strategy and online marketing. Her bright
smile will surely lead to a bright future.


Phillistus Ramashala – Development Intern

Philicitus, the sweetest person in the office,
is our development intern with execellent
coding ability! She even helped develop this

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